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Thirty pages of Pro-golf Tips, Instruction and Videos. (All Free)



The Hand Book of Golf: Published with over ten thousand copies sold


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Interactive coaching from our Senior Coach, send you questions he  will reply the same day with advice and instruction, send him a video of your swing, with your current handicap, and he will analyse your swing give you the benefit of his experience. Work with your coach to prepare a step by step program to improve your game.


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Do you struggle to break ninety, we can teach you to play in the low eighties, with a course designed for YOU. With interactive coaching, videos, who will be your motivator, ensure that you are positive and confident playing every shot.


What you may ask qualifies him to makes these claims:

Well he has played golf for over 50 years on the best courses in the world, is aged 78 and super fit  (Playing from the Pro –tees handicap 4) As part of the course he will include what he truly believes to be the key elements of his longevity, which give him a quality life most men his  age could only dream of .  Good health (Money cannot buy )

How much would you give for  an EXTRA 20 years of quality life,  play great golf  both in        

the eighties and well into your eighties: Play golf with a lower score than your age, now    

that   really is an achivement.  

It is a step by step process. Each step designed to improve both your well being and your golf

First action it is such a small word yet immeasurable and powerful, you will be encouraged to take control of your mind and only have positive thoughts.

Set goals: Depending on the program that your coach prepares for you. I could mean you returning to basics and fundamentals  

To play in the golf low eighties and live to play golf well into your late eighties.  That is the goal you are going to achieve, by thinking and acting in a positive manor.

With a mentor who has be there done it and still doing it:

You CAN and WILL achieve your goals. 

As senior golf coach and sports psychologist/ mentor.  

He will teach you how positive thinking takes your game to  another level; it also has a major impact on your wellbeing.


How often have you said with the benefit of hindsight?

Well Ken has been there made mistakes, taken the wrong  

decisions, he worked his way up from a tradesman to:

Vice President CNT Asia learning on the way travelled the world:  

Up to the age of 40 he will tell you was his life was wild and crazy.  

Earning hundreds of thousand a year and it was easy come easy  go.

All that changed: How read his free reports, you will be  amazed.


Learn from his mistakes benefit from his extensive experience and from a truely

life changing  events which he  is certain is the key element in his continued longevity:  (Ken is Now 79 super fit. )  You will see from his videos.


If you have any questions please submit your e-mail address:  on the form:

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NO obligation you can opt out at the bottom of each with just one click: A-weber immediately  

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 ( From Our Senior Coach- and Author of the Hand Book of Golf)


As a golfer you know how hard it is to lose weight - you always have the nineteenth hole a few beers with your mates steak and chips – snacks maybe you have resigned to the fact you will never get back to fighting fit and the weight you want.?  

Wrong because we have  the method to get you looking great feeling 110% fit and getting out of bed every morning bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I am (Ken) the senior coach at The High to Low Limited Academy of Golf  (Progolf)  and the author of the Hand Book of Golf ( Published have sold over 10,000 books)


Just a brief insight into how you do have the power to change life style.  


There was a time (nearly 40 years ago) when I was struggling with life in general,


Spending to much time drinking and eating, and as I was getting older it became extremely hard to get the weight off.  It had an impact on my health and was rushed into hospital.  ( Spent sixteen days in the Manchester infirmary) You see from my reports that following a 16 days in hospital

My Consultant Mr O’Conner  was in his eighties, he looked in his mid forties, had charisma he commanded the respect of his peers , and was super fit.  


His Quote to me" Change your life style or you will die soon" (I was shocked)


Prior to being discharged Mr O’Conner’s PA gave me a copy of his surprising revelations,

not just for longevity, but for good health, wealth, happiness:  

I truly believe that my amazing good fortune to have encountered this great man

is the reason I am living the dream. It improved my life beyond believe:  


It changed my outlook and life stlye completly, within two months I was feeling great:  


Having followed the recommendations, that clearly detailed the the foods to elimate from my diet and the foods that were proven to rejuvenate:

They worked I was fighting fit ready to take on the world.

Renew confidence no more negative thoughts, I stepped up a gear I applied for a position as Vice President M&E Asia and was given job working for CNT based in Bangkok.

In control of major projects through- out Asia.


While working in the Far East, I spent time to study the very different cultures.

I travelled to the North of Thailand to visit a remote temple, which had been mentioned in the consultants notes, objective to speak with the Thai Gura that Mr O’Conner held in high esteem.

I was allow to stay  at the temple for three days and I spend hours sat cross legged on the floor in the Temple together with five young monks spell bound  listening to his teachings, which aligned with the notes  had been given.

The other remarkable fact: They were both in their eighties and super fit, physically and mentally: There was an common? Doctrine what they had told me.  

They were living proof that they were both correct in their theories.

I can do the same for you, can be your mentor, interactive on line, because everyone has different life styles and objectives, and dare I say it problems.  Together we can transform your life. You to CAN live the dream.

What I offer  is to be your mentor give you the benefit of 79 years of hindsight, you can and would learn from my mistakes.

They say you can NOT on put an old head on young shoulders :

Yes you can if they are prepared  to learn from my hindsight, mistakes, and how it should be done.  

Learn from from my 79 years of experience, which is very diverse, extensive, incredible, dramatic, traumatic, amazing, giving me ALL the secrets and key elements of a great life and something’s money cannot buy: Longevity, good health, wealth, and happiness.      

I would do my best to provide you with the motivation that helps change your mind set.  


Our mind controls everything we do:    


To prove that Statement :  

Tiger Woods the world best player has problems in his private life; impact on his game was dramatic.

Because his mind was in turmoil and he could not concentrate on his game.  


Also it’s odd to see golfer Rory McIlroy on a hot streak just three months after breaking up with his fiancée, tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, over the phone, after their wedding invitations went out.”  NOW he is back in the zone.


Do you want to:

Play great Golf  -  You can.

Live to a 100 plus and play golf well into your eighties -

and play in the low eighties - YOU CAN   (I play with a handicap of 4)

Would you like to have health wealth and happness,

I have all those and more.

Just send me a list of your goals in life and we will prepare a plan together to ensure you achive your dreams.  


































I am asked every day how I stay fit look good and always smiling.  Maintain flexibility play golf better than most of the other pro golf coaches.

 Drive fast cars, race motor cross (seniors) have a beautiful Thai wife 30 years my junior.  

Sign up now, no obligation you can opt out with just one click if you feel the course is not for you or you are not prepared to work as a team to achieve your goals and objectives.

The first objective would be to evaluate your current life style, following appraisal, prepare a set by step program tailored just for you. ( NOT some of the shelve book or set of videos that gets send to all in sundry)


Your mind can do anything you assign it, plant your goal in your mind and you WILL achieve it.      




We look foreward to hearing from you.  



















Just joking tiger is still one of the world’s best players he has done the right thing: He has taken time out to get 110% fit that will give him his confidence back, then he can get the correct mind set and play attacking golf in the zone .  

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