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  Introduction: Learn to Play Golf this Weekend (FREE)

Golf is not easy to master; many club players will never play well, because they do not learn the key elements of golf.  

Few players are born with true natural ability. Even the lucky few still need to know the mechanics of the game. All have pre-shot routines, and have developed and natural swing. Paramount to everything else: Smooth swing, good balance, rhythm and timing, correct transfer of weight.

What makes this golf site unique? We are not going to reinvent the wheel, what we are going to do is bring you the  best FREE golf instruction on the web, by using links to the world best coaches and golfers.  First read about the basic fundamentals and rules of golf in layman’s terms.

Any questions contact your coach.

Introduction to golf:

If you are already playing and looking to improve your game then, jump on to lesson three or to the elements of your game that are costing you the most shots.

Very basic information: for the true beginner. This first lesson is only intended for those new to golf, just a brief in-sight to the game of golf. ( Which will allow you to start playing) 

If you are just learning or going to teach your children to play, then we will provide all the basics and fundamentals, teaching you to play great golf:

Golf will also enhance your life and career;  you will find that most of your colleagues, senior management will all play golf. Follow this free course which will teach you to play.

Then you have the opportunity to join your friends and colleagues, gain the respect of your peers by playing low handicap golf.

If you are young and have total dedication and commitment you could be a pro -golfer, only the elite few make the grade as a PGA tour professional, but there are many thousands of PGA golf coaches, it is a wonderful career.

For learners only: Lesson 1 anything you do not understand e-mail your personal coach.

Golf is a game of trust and honour, it is quite easy to cheat; NEVER cheat play by the rules:

Golf is an outdoor game; The courses vary in length average 6000 yards divided into  sections called holes. There are 18 holes that vary in length from 100 to 600 yards; each hole begins at the tee and ends at the hole, to complete the hole your golf ball must be propelled into the hole.

The object of the game is to advance the ball around the course using as few strokes as possible.

From the tee each player tries to drive the ball onto the fairway, a carefully tended strip of the course, the fairway is short grass, on either side there will be rough areas of long grass, bushes, or trees.

Also hazards natural and manmade, including sand-filled bunkers, water hazards lakes, and ponds.  At the far end of the fairway is the putting green, the grass short and smooth, not necessarily flat most greens have contours, downhill and uphill slopes to the hole, the short grass is smooth like a snooker table and will permit the ball to roll easily after it has been given a gentle stroke with your putter.

Golf Strokes and Golf Clubs:

Drive: Is a long shot from the tee on to the fair way.

The approach shot: Played from the fair way towards the green, a number of different clubs can be used long Irons, fairway woods.  (Will be explained in the lessons)

Once your ball is within a 100yds of the green it becomes a pitch or a chip shot, normally played with a pitching wedge.

Normal set of 14 golf clubs: We will cover this in the section Whats in the Bag ?

 Are divided into those know as woods, (do not be confused) they are now large heads made of metal, titanium, and those know as irons. The shafts can be made of steel or graphite.

Woods are numbered 1 to 5,

Irons in the bag normally numbered 3 to 9 plus your specialized clubs pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter.

Another strange thing: The clubs with the low numbers 1-2-3 are used for driving the ball 200 yards+ the higher the number the less distance you will hit. Why? It is all about loft your driver will be approx 10 degree loft your sand wedge will be 56 degree loft) All will be explained in the lesson number 2. (What is in the bag?)

Forms of Competition / games: Match play: This is an exciting game and  is  one on one played hole by hole, the player taking the least number of stokes between tee and hole wins the hole. The one who wins the most holes wins the game. We will explain the handicap system later.  

Stroke play: You need to play consistent golf for all 18 holes: The winner is the player taking the fewest stokes over the full 18 holes. Again once handicaps have been taken into account

The term par: Refers to the number of strokes the pro-golf would normally expect to use in completing a particular hole. Each hole is measured from Tee- to green, the distance and degree of difficulty will determine the number of stokes you should take in a perfect game.

Your score card will show you the distance and degree of difficulty. You will note that the holes which are the 450 yards + will be ranked as par 5 holes, the holes that are up to 400 yards will be par 4, short holes up to 250 yards will be par 3 Also on your score card will be the stoke index: Stoke index 1 will be rated as the hardest hole on the course, stoke index 18 being rated as the easiest hole on the course. If you made par on every hole your total score would be a perfect 72 for 18 holes

General Course information:

Par three= short holes:

It is possible to make a hole in one, with a perfect shot and more than a fair share of luck.

Par five holes:

450 to 580 yard holes all with varying degrees of difficulty.


A-tee is also the small peg, which you push in the ground then place your ball on top.  

On the Tee area place the ball on top so you get a clean contact with the ball when you drive the ball towards the fairway


The number of golf strokes a pro-player would expect to take on each hole (Or better)


Is one stroke over par


Is one stroke under par.

Eagle: Are two Strokes under par handicaps are very important, because even if you are playing with a player who is considered to be a very good golfer, his or her handicap will be much lower than yours so he or she has to play to their handicap or better in order to win. Example: If your normal game your score is 100 stokes for the 18 holes your handicap is= 100 – 72 = 28

If their normal game is 80 stokes for 18 holes their handicap will be 80 – 72 = 8.

So for them to win they would need to beat you by 21 stokes or more

Scoring in golf is sometimes a mystery to non-golfers or those just starting, because golf unlike other sports the golfer with the lowest score wins, (In normal Stoke play) Completive golf is played over 18 holes, if you are a pro golfer you would take 72 shots or lower to complete all 18 holes. That is referred to as a par round.

Each hole you start at the tee box, and finish in the hole on the green.

Every time you make a stroke, count it. At the end of each hole, add up your strokes for that hole and write it down.

At the end of the round, add up the strokes for each hole and, there you have it, your golf score, you then deduct your handicap which gives you your net score in relation to par. It is also very easy to understand how well you are playing by the number of shots taken on each hole. We will go into detail RE: Rules in the lessons.

When things go wrong for example you hit your ball out of bounds or into a hazard like water, you then take what is referred to as a drop,   (You will have to take a penalty stroke.) 

On your score card each hole is given a number representing “par” the number of strokes it should take a pro golfer to finish that hole. If the hole is a par is 5 and you take 6 strokes, then your score in relation to par is 1-over= Bogey.

If the par is 5 and you only take 4 strokes, then your score in relation to par is 1-under.=birdie

The course is par72 and you finished with a 95, then your score is 23-over = to a handicap of 23.

The handicap system: With the handicap system, you can play any other golfer on any course and be competitive.

For example if your average score is 95, (Handicap 23) and you play a golfer that has an average score of 76, (Handicap 4) in simple terms if you take 95 shots, and he takes 78 you win.

You will note that Player 1 won the game with a net 73. 101 – (28) =73

The words “out” and “in” appear on most golf scorecards, also referred to as the front nine and back nine. Why are these terms used, and what do they mean. “Out” and “in” on the scorecard refer to holes 1 to 9 are OUT the holes 10 to 18. Are IN  ( On the way back to the club house hole 19 which is the BAR)

The yardage of any given golf hole is on the scorecard and also shown on a sign at the tee.

In the lessons to follow we will teach you all different ways of playing and scoring.

One of the many golden rules you will learn on this course:

Golf is a mind game: Where you stay in the zone, always positive.



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We have attached this link to a videos by the worlds best golf coach which  demonstrates the the fundementals of the golf swing.


As a beginner there will be thousands of questions you would like to ask ?  No Problem just e-mail your coach wh will reply the same day with the answers    



























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I am Ascharapan your golf coach. We  hope to hear from you soon:  Do not forget to tell us your handicap and the elements of your game that are costing you the most shot.

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Practise your putting it is the most important element of your game.


Your key objective NEVER three putt.


















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