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How to play out of the sand bunkers:  


First rule try to avoid hazards with good course management, but we all end up in a bunker, they are always position on the fairways at approximately the distance the average players drives to the ball, they are also placed as traps around the greens.



Do not fear a bunker shot with practice they are comparatively easy - more predicable than heavy rough.  Imagine you are in the swimming pool and splashing your friends that movement of your hand through the water is the same action you need to develop for a good bunker shot  

Look over the edge of Bunker -study the contours of the green, select the spot where the ball must land, to roll into the hole. Keep this image in your mind.

Set up with open stance, aligned your feet left of the target, wiggle feet till well set down in the sand. (You do this or two reasons first it tells you how soft the sand is, second gives a firm base for your swing.)

Open the clubface; Ball forward in your stance.

Stance open to the target, swing the club along your bodyline so the club head approaches the ball on an out to in swing path. Aim the club face to impact in the sand 2" behind the ball, do not quit on the shot play right through with confidence.

Ball on the sloping edge to the bunker (You need to play with one foot in the sand, and one foot on the grassy slope.) Take one extra club, wider stance, lower centre of gravity, easy swing.

Bunker shot with ball in the sand close to the edge of the bunker forcing you to stand on the grass. Take extra club, a much wider stance, and body on even playing field; aim a little too the left, easy swing. Do not quit on the shot.

In the fairway bunker

Remember when in the bunker the rules of golf say you must NOT ground your club e.g. Do not touch the sand with your club before you play the shot. Check line to target - pick intermediate spot to play over, ensure you can clear the lip, if not play safe, a normal bunker shot with lofted club (SAND WEDGE) back on to the fairway. This is also the best choice if the ball has landed hard and is half buried in the sand.

If you are sure you can clear the edge of bunker and want to play attacking golf.

Set feet in the sand, ball back in the stance; pick the ball off the sand using one club more than the same distance off the fairway. However ensure you have sufficient loft to clear the lip. Also if you are still a long way from the green you can try playing with a fairway wood, brush the ball off the top of the sand with a sweeping swing. Take the club straight back and straight through maintain balance timing tempo, DO not be tempted to swing hard, nice and easy count- 1---- 2  trust the loft on your club it is designed for this shot.


Watch the video, also watch the top players on TV they are masters of this shot, in their mind they are not thinking just get the ball out !  They are thinking positive ball in the hole.  They are conifdent and commit to the shot.  But ensure they hit the sand with the club face open 2" behind the ball the ball goes out with the sand.


Your Next Lesson Approach Shots:


Ok role play --- you have driven your ball from the tee on target, dead center of the fairway.


Now you need to play a good approach shot ------ Fair way to green.









Approach Shots Darren playing out of the bunker banner_impact_2


Your next Lesson is Approach shots:  For most average club players, they drive from the tee around 220 yards which on a par four hole it leaves them 200 yards + to the green.

(That is a hard shot with a long iron or a 3 wood)

Just imagine that you could drive your ball 300 yards ++ on target

Would you like to do that ?

Then you ae playing a whole new ball game, you would just a hundred yards to the green and nice easy pitching wedge – maybe even with a little back spin.  

NOW you are in birdie land on the green in two Wow  that could take 10 shot of your current handicap.


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