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    Golf is not easy to master; many club players will never play well, because they

    do not take the time to learn the key elements of golf.  


    Few players are born with true natural ability. Even the lucky few still need to know

    the mechanics of the game. All have pre-shot routines, and have developed and

    natural swing. Paramount to everything else: Smooth swing, good balance,

    rhythm and timing, correct transfer of weight.


   What makes this golf site unique?

   We are not going to reinvent the wheel, what we are going to do is bring

   you the  best FREE golf instruction on the web.

   First read about the basic fundamentals and rules of golf in layman’s terms.


   Any questions contact your coach.



















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 Free: HAND BOOK OF GOLF.  The published copy sold over 10,000 copies.


                   Work with your on line coach: Learn to play in the Low Eighties.

      We have members who are super fit and are playing single handicap golf.

      They are lucky and will only need to fine tune elements of their game,that are costing

      them shots.  


      It is important they create a Positive Mind Set maybe they will even aspire to a pro golf career:

      You maybe one of the lucky few born with natural talent, who can  develop a pro-golf swing.


        We will provide a one on one FREE personal coaching program that will teach  

       all our  members how to play in the low eighties.  


       Because all players are at different levels we would evaluate your current game,  

       take into account numerous other factors: Handicap - Swing - How long you have been playing -

       and only if you want to our age. and level of fittness.  



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     The Handbook of Golf the published version it has sold over ten thousand copies.


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       Hope to hear from you soon.  


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insl09-sang-moon-bae-sequence 10 How to get woods to focus

You know in school how they teach you NOT to copy other people's work? They call that CHEATING. Well, in the real world of golf improvement ALL great golfers have "cheated" and copied what other great ball strikers have done.

Ben Hogan did that.

Jack Nicklaus did that.

Tiger Woods did that.

Every great ball striker has done that.

They look at what others do successfully, and copy it.

That's called modeling success, NOT cheating as the school system teaches.

Select a player that is the same stature as you the try to emulate his swing, Tempo, Timing, Rhythm, Balance, your object to develop a natural swing you can repeat every time.