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Introduction: Learn to Play Golf this Weekend (FREE) 


Golf is not easy to master; many club players will never play well, because they do not take the time to learn the key elements of golf.  


Few players are born with true natural ability. Even the lucky few still need to know the mechanics of the game. All have pre-shot routines, and have developed and natural swing. Paramount to everything else: Smooth swing, good balance, rhythm and timing, correct transfer of weight.


What makes this golf site unique? 

We are not going to reinvent the wheel, what we are going to do is bring you the  best FREE golf instruction on the web.

First read about the basic fundamentals and rules of golf in layman’s terms.


Any questions contact your coach.

















Every thing you need to know about golf + Your own Coach click on the link below to down load your book:  No Obligation,


However we would like you to be a member of the pro-golf club just your first name and e-mail address .  


 Free: HAND BOOK OF GOLF.  The published copy sold over 10,000 copies.


 Longevity: Written by the man who has been there DONE it still doing it.  


 Written by an sports psychology this will be your strategy for developing  

your confidence, will change your life for ever, set you on course for health wealth  

and happiness and improve your golf dramatically.  


Work with your on line coach: Learn to play in the Low Eighties.

We have members who are super fit and are playing single handicap golf.

They are lucky and will only need to fine tune elements of their game,that cost

them shots.  


Important they create a Positive Mind Set maybe they will even aspire to a pro golf career:

We do have many special features  all the best videos.

You maybe one of the lucky few born with natural talent, who can  

emulate a pro-golf swing.


If you are already a good player and would like to take your game to pro level, you could learn from the world long drive champion.


We recommend the World Long Drive Champions Five Keys to Distance : Aff;

To see the free videos they can drive the ball 450 yards. click Here :


 We  WILL from the Academy of Golf provide a one on one FREE personal coaching program that will teach  

all our members how to play in the low eighties.  


Because all players are at different levels we would evaluate your current game,  

take into account numerous other factors: Handicap - Swing ( If you send a video)  

Then based on the information  you send to your coach ? They WILL prepare a  

step by step program to improve your game.


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We have special features from experts: Will we have joint venture partners who are quite simply the best they are World Champions.


Notes on the Free reports

Exclusive Section on Health:  

Would you like to play golf in the low eighties, plus play golf well into your late eighties.

Our senior pro coach is amazing 79 years old super fit and plays from the back tees with the other pro-golfers, and believe me is a bandit when he claims a 4 handicap. We have persuaded him toreveal all the key elements in achieving his incredible longevity.

He truly believes that the advice he was given by a medical professor at Manchester University and the teachings of Thai Guru were live changing.


All the best players in the world have a psychologist mentor who provides the motivation that ensures players are focusing on performance and have the mind set to WIN.  Now you have your own mentor who will teach you the importance of positive thinking: It takes your game to another level it also has a major impact on your wellbeing.


Both reports are free: Just click on the: Longevity Reports One and Two:


Click here for the report on Health:   


Click here for an amazing report on how to Achieve your Goals in Life.


We have developed this web page to cover every aspect of golf, your golf coach will transform you game, and your mentor will change both your golf and your life.


Please do NOT hesitate to contact your golf coach. To take your game to another level.


For the special feature contact your mentor. Prepare to be amazed.


However the internet law RE Spam, will only permit us to send interactive e-mails when we have prior permission.

Please take a moment of your time to register and be a member;


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The Handbook of Golf the published version it has sold over ten thousand copies.


You can contact us for all your questions on golf


For :Your new life + 30 years, of health, longevity,  E-mail:  :


Your mentor will reveal what he truly believes are the foundation stones of his amazing longevity



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We would also welcome your input, please e-mail us with your comments, our goal to make this one of the best golf web pages on the internet.   Hope to hear from you soon.  































 Link from Golf Digest, The perfect swing.  

We have posted it on our Blog you will see the link.  Click Here  

Sang is a young gun his swing speed is very fast. So we can all clearly see and learn from each element of his swing we have slowed each frame down, it will load in windows media player (It does take a little time to load)

Note each action and do your best to emulate his swing ( On the practice range NOT during a game on course)  That comes if you do manage to improve your swing.

Key points he take the club back wide and slow always in line with his target, never takes his eyes off the ball, turns with the upper body, hits right through the ball, maintains perfect balance and transfer of weight.





























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thay can then down load the Hand Book of Golf (Free)  



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Will would never reveal or sell any information to other parties.  


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The Book is in PDF - so you will need FREE Adobe Reader Click here to down load FREE Adobe Ian Pouter John Daly Paular Creamer Twitter Rory Golf-buggy Click: For content foreword and bonus reports

Junior Golf is the fastest growing sport in the world, we appreciate that to send your children to a golf academy is expensive.  You can save 90% of the cost by learning all the fundamentals' and basics first. As you know we provide a unique FREE service.  We teach beginners, give them free on-line coaching, Hand Book of Golf FREE.  

You maybe one of the lucky few born with natural talent, who can  emulate a pro-golf swing. Who knows you could be a pro-golfer or have a career in golf as a coach.  If you are interested in becoming a PGA pro golfer or to work in golf: ? Contact your us: We can send you information on a golf career.

I know how lucky I am to go to work at the Academy  every day. Your children or grand children could have a life in sport / golf if they are given the right coaching  e-mail  

Yes it is best to start playing sport at a when you are young, however you are never to old to learn to play golf.


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