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The importance of set up.


We will take set up to the next level.

Our studies have shown that if you do NOT have the prefect set up it WILL impact on all the key elements of your game, you can never develop a natural swing: Which you can repeat every time unless you pay attention to detail.

We have never said it would be easy: You need time and determination you can do it.

To quote “what you set is what you get” So please do not jump ahead with thoughts of club head speed and swinging like the top pro golfers. First take the time and effort to build a solid set up position. To develop the perfect swing the first important element is set up.

The grip:

Two main reasons why the placement of your hands on the club has to be perfect. First it allows the club- face to square itself at impact, second it will allow your wrists to hinge properly during the swing.

Top players use the grip NOT to control or manipulate the club, but to allow the movements of the body to flow through the hands; the club becomes an extension of your arms.


What you do with your hands before the swing starts will determine the flight of the ball, based on the law of leverage just a five degrees of club face alteration will result in a 50 feet deviation from target at 200 yards.

If your hands move a fraction say just a ⅛ of inch around the grip will result in a 15 degree change in your club face angle. (Then for sure that ball is heading for the trees)


You may say this is a change – to our original instruction, because it is true to say that we did say to beginners to play with a “neutral grip” the neutral grip is formed as in the “clapped” position equally covering the two sides of the shaft. As shown in the illustration. You will note that when the hands grip the club the thumbs are on top of the shaft. This would l work fine providing your hands returned to their original position at address.

The set would position is stationary, which allows you to align (square) E.G. the club face to the target, with your neutral grip.


















Research with top players who do have a fast club head speed, has proven that the impact position of your hands will be up to 6 inches in front of where they begin the swing; by moving your hands forward it opens the club face (turns it to the right)


Because we are now at a little more advance stage, we are going to tell you how the best players ensure that the club face always returns to the ball/ point of impact exactly the same as it was at address perfectly square to your target.


We are also going to make another change to our beginners lessons by saying that top players prefer the Vardon grip (Yes we did say in the early lessons that the interlock grip works fine for the average player, we are teaching you to play single handicap golf which is way better than average golf to do that we need to use more advanced techniques’) The Vardon grip provides the most successful swing results because it aligns the axes of the two wrists with one another (bio-mechanically correct)

New Vardon Over Lap grip


The Vardon grip does not automatically feel comfortable because it is an overlap grip not interlocked. Trust us it will work but you will need determination and discipline to ensure it becomes part of your set up, introduced into your game) Your new grip WILL deliver a square club face at impact, at the same time mould your hands and wrists into a smooth moving hinge. The shaft / is placed in the fingers, (NOT the palms) next make sure that your hands are compact and integrated into a single unit, the philosophy of the Vardon over lap grip to reduce the distance between the hands and attaches them at a common point.


We will do our best to explain- the grip we are recommending the average club golfer should try, it will save you shots and take your game to the next level.


To begin to understand the new grip, hold the very end of your club with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand, this will allow the correct positioning of your left hand on the club. Important look down the club shaft ensure that your club face is square to the target line.


Place the club across the middle joint of your left index finger, across the other fingers and up to the first joint of you little finger. Make sure that your left hand is positioned within a ¼ inch of the top of the club. (This is to ensure that you use the full length of your club)

Now you can begin positioning the right hand onto the shaft, the club should run across the middle joint of the right index finger, across the rest of the fingers to the first joint of your little finger. As with the left hand the shaft must be placed in the fingers. This creates move feeling your arms become an extension of the club and transfer the movement to your brain and body to the club.

This is the main difference between interlock and the Vardon over lap grip.

You over lap the little finger – lift your little finger from the shaft and position the second joint – on top of your left hand now your little finger of your right hand should be between the first two joints on your left hand. (All very confusing but I am sure with the illustrations and read it over a few times you will figure it out) Slide the right hand up towards the left so they fit nicely together as a single unit.

You can now allow your hands and wrists to act more like a single hinge, this will give you a free flowing swing.


Now check the V formed between the thumb and the forefinger of your LEFT HAND should point directly to your right ear. While the V Formed between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand points directly at the right shoulder

With lots of practice your new grip WILL allow all the proper body movements to be transmitted directly through your hands and into the club, you will be swinging like a pro.

(Now the actual swing):::


We believe that the grip must be relatively firm, the reason we have a firm grip is to be able to swing the club with control and power. “You must swing the club; the club does not swing you.” As all with all actions they start with the brain sending the signals. One signal of importance is grip pressure. The club can only be lifted and swung with proper grip pressure and this is firm and taut. The last ingredient is this pressure must be the same in both hands and they must swing at the same speeds. Everything with the hands and arms must be equal for them to swing with power and control.

Swinging the club with power and control to hit the shot you want is that you must know how and what to do in terms of the motion of your swing. Then all I have to do is make that motion happen. The key elements in this are the hands and arms holding the club firmly to swing it on the correct path and plane. (That does not mean there is any tension in your arms)

Try to focus on your hands make sure that, while you are turning with your upper body and hips that you draw your hands back in a straight line parallel to your toe line (slightly outside). Once you left hand crosses your right knee then take the club straight up until your right hand is in the “thumbs-up” position (at 3/4 swing). It is a fact that a solid base and stable body can swing the arms and club faster. This is the same as swinging a weight on a rope. The faster the weight moves, the less the hand moves. You create that same feeling: Your hands are your body and the weight and rope is your club: Allow the club to swing down and through.

Perfect Golf Swing:

We always advice good players to only fine tune their game, only introduce changes to your game after you have taken time on the range to prove they will improve your game.

At first any change that you make to your swing will feel strange even uncomfortable and wrong. If you do change you grip from interlock to Vardon and you have slightly changed the position of your hand to a stronger grip. E.G rotated your right hand to the right and your left hand to the left. It will feel like there is no way you can hit the ball.

You will require weeks of practice review every single element of your set up.

In our previous lessons we have go into pre-shot routine and set up so you should now have introduced / check all of those key elements of your game.

We have been conducting a survey and all the reports and information has been review by the golf professionals- The evaluations have identified the most common errors.

Standing to tall

Placing the hands to high

They have too much weight on their toes.

Moving the right foot farther from the ball than the left (Closed stance)

Study of the high-handicap golfers they spread their feet at address; do not pay attention to the ball position. Refer to our lessons – re-ball position with the driver it must just inside your left heel and 32 inches from your feet.

By far the most common fault is placing the ball to far back in their stance.

They are hitting at the ball not through it.

They look up before impact with the ball.

Swinging miles to fast like a mad axe man, losing balance.

They hit the ground before the ball, check you divot it should be impact with the ball.

With your stance it is just the width of your shoulders and make sure the left foot is turn 25 degrees towards the target.

Check in front of the mirror or on video if you are in the correct position you right shoulder should tilt.

Next beginners tend to strike the ball with only their arms. (You will never achieve distance or play good golf by swing just with the arms) You need the power of your lower body these are the large –muscle groups)

The grip some golfers grip the club very lightly – others grip in a choke hold that creates tension in their arms. The correct pressure is some where in the middle.

That is quite a lot to take on board – but above all you MUST have the right mind set the determination to be the best, to play single handicap golf, it is in your hands to make it happen – we the High to Low team will continue to do our best to teach you coach you to play golf to the best of you ability.

Please do not hesitate to contact your coach, if the response of your personal coach is not to your satisfaction then contact me direct – CEO@hightolow,

This lesson is written with the assuming you have already read the first 13 lesson if not then you must go to lesson 1 – if that is to which is written for the real beginners to golf, so if the first few lesson are to basic then by all means skip on to your own individual standard and handicap. The remaining lessons will be for the low handicap players.

Hopefully most of the beginners and high handicap player who have taken the course will be improving, and ready for more advance lessons.

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The Truth about Putting


The best way to be a winner and save shots on your next round.


Never three PUTT:

Focusing on making a perfect putting stroke will inhibit feel and take your mind of the main objective… which is the target!

“A good stroke is the result of a relaxed body joined to an attentive mind following a dependable pre-shot routine.”

What do you think a hunter is thinking about when he throws a spear at an animal? Do you think he is

thinking about taking is elbow back above his ear, making a 35 degree angle between forearm and bicep, whilst rotating shoulders 90 degrees, before releasing the spear and making sure his weight is transferred onto his front foot, whilst holding perfect form?… …If he thinks like this, he and his family will starve. I think not, he is totally focused on lining up the animal and throwing the spear at a precise spot on the animal; end of story, B.B.Q dinner here we come!


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