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Driving: Would you like to drive 300 yards +

If you can really drive the ball long and on target, that gives you an amazing feeling of being in control of your game.

There must have been more written about driving long and straight and some time with a fade or a draw.  

We try to emulate the young guns, more in hope than anything else.  

This is the reason in the advance course you will find we have featured a some of the world’s best players, we have special feature for senior players and those of us who are not super athletes who spend four days a week playing and 100 hours a week in the gym, and a personal trainer for mind and body.

So remember this is all interactive work with your on line coach to find what will give you the best chance of playing great golf.    



























Tee it High Let it Fly, this is a fun golf tip, for the low handicap golfers to try,

if it does work for you WOW that all will fly 300 yards, on target.

Paramount to everything else:

Smooth swing, good balance, rhythm and timing, correct transfer of weight.

Develop timing tempo and rhythm, which will give perfect transfer of weight from

right to left, ensuring a smooth powerful hit right through the ball in line with your target,

do not look up until well after impact

This is the dream of every golfer it can come true.

One of the ways I recommend to keep you timing and tempo

Keep this saying in mind:

Normal speech!! My favourite saying is:


This the time it should take from the start of your back swing to the point impact on

the down swing. This WILL teach your mind and

body to synchronize the key to a good swing is the same timing every time you

swing. Once you have a repeat swing every time then you are a good golfer. –

You will amaze your colleagues,


The saying Tee it and let it Fly is also a true saying,

We all play with the latest drivers.

They all have one thing in common large club heads, so we have become accustom to

teeing the ball high in line with the sweet spot on you club.


The NEW 2014 Philosophy:

Is tee up higher this will grantee more distance?

Pre –shot routine.


Using a 2¾ tee: Tee up to 2” high. –Logo pointing at the target.

At address you align the sweet spot on your driver with the ball, which will mean the club

is above the ground

When you are playing a lot of golf yet never seem to improve then you need to go back to basics.

Start with grip and stance: Work with your coach to develop your game, some times it means returning to fundementals. Quote "Enstien"  There is nothing more certain sign of insaity than to do the same thing over and over and expect the results to be diffrent.


First basics check in front of a mirror. Then time to work on your swing: Do NOT swing hard only 80% of your power. The main elements of your swing must be balance and tempo, rhythm.

The number one problem with ALL high handicap players they look up on the down swing KEEN to see

where the ball is going, IF you look up for sure it will NOT go where you want it to. Why because if you look up before the ball has gone it always changes your swing path, the ball could go anywhere. READ on.

Pre-shot routine, off the tee, select your target on the fairway, which will determine your club selection and where you place your tee, having selected your club will determine the height of your tee (Ball needs to be level with the sweet spot on club)

Place the ball on the tee, step back and line the logo on the ball up with the spot you are aiming for,

visualize the shot in your mind, take a nice easy practice swing which needs to be the precisely the way

that you intend to play the actual shot, with that swing in mind both tempo and balance step up to address, ball in line with your left foot, stance the width of your shoulders, correct grip V pointing to your right shoulder, knees flexed weight on the balls of your feet, bend fore from the waist your club should come to rest directly behind the ball ( 32” from your toes)

Take the club back with your left arm pushing low smooth and slow as it pasts your right foot you should have started your upper body turn, make a full turn, KEEP the left arm straight, when the at the top of your back swing the club must not drop it now should be pointing towards the target, start to turn back with your right hip moving upper body and arms turning, pull down with the straight left arm (Left arm in control DO not allow the strength the your right arm to take over) Club returns on the same path as your take away,

KEEP your head down eyes firmly fixed on the back of the ball until it disappears, hit through the ball keep your arms fully extended right through impact concentrate on a low follow through in line with the target.


With timing tempo perfect balance your weight should have transferred from right to left, your upper body fully turned weight on the left foot, buckle on your belt facing to the target. Now you can watch the ball fly straight to your target.

YES you are right to much to think of and change overnight, there is NO magic formal that will transform your game over night, get the basics / mechanics right .

Only correct one fault at a time first identify the fault then focus on correcting that element of your swing. But club head speed is NOT the answer. Left arm in control with perfect tempo then you will develop the perfect swing natural and smooth.


 If you really are up for it and would like to drive a ball on target 350 yards.

Then you need to take coaching to another level with our joint venture partner


Eric Jones.

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Driving can give you the most exhilaration feeling to see your ball leave the tee on the correct trajectory like a rocking straight on target. That gives you so much confidence, your stroll down the fair-way listening to the birds singing you are a happy bunny, fired up and ready for your next shot.  


But for most average club players, they drive from the tee around 220 yards which on a par four hole it leaves then 200 yards + to the green.

(That is a hard shot with a long iron or a 3 wood)

Just imagine that you could drive your ball 300 yards ++ on target (Would you like to do that?)

Then you ae playing a whole new ball game, you would be just a hundred yards to the green and nice easy pitching wedge – maybe even with a little back spin.  

NOW you are in birdie land on the green in two WOW! That could take 10 shot of your current handicap.


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Five Keys to Distance  

Rory John Daly