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 Slice (Ball turning right off the tee)

  Every club golfer fear this happening.


Reason: Out to in swing is putting spin on the ball. --- You are casting the club out on the down swing.  Stop! Because that is the main cause of slicing.

Check your grip: and stance. Go through your pre-shot routine, line the logo on the ball up with the target. Make certain that the clubface is square and in line with the target. Objective: To return to clubface back to that exact position at impact.

Adjust your swing to ensure the club face is square at impact to achieve this, take the club back with the left hand in control, keep the club low in line with the target until outside your right foot try a smaller arc on the back swing; on the down swing focus on an in to out swing, DO NOT CAST THE CLUB OUT or your will pull the club from outside to in imparting spin on the ball.


For just 10 seconds, once they start the back swing they switch to natural swing the one they use every time for that shot, they play on instinct and trust their subconscious or and muscle memories to make it happen for them.

The club must return on the same path as your take away directly in line with the ball and target. To cure your slice keep your eye on the ball and aim to impact on the inside of the ball, keep left arm straight and in control pull down with the left arm do not force the shot timing tempo hit through the ball wrists rotating arms in line with the target - keep your head down until the ball is well on its way.

If you are still slicing try dropping your right foot and shoulder back from the target, objective to develop more round the body swing.


Everything in the swing depends on fundamentals. Get the basics right at address: Whether you're new to golf or have played for years, you will score your best with a solid foundation.

Distance, long and straight you need to make impact with your club-head approaching the ball on a level to slightly upward path. Trust the loft of the club to help launch the ball on the on the correct flight path and with the optimum amount of backspin. Your club needs to return to point of impact in line with your target and level with the ground. That's the angle of approach you must attain with your driver off the tee. If you swing down with your driver too steeply, making contact with a descending blow. You will send the ball sky high and no distance, and if you hit the ball too much on the upswing, chances are you will top the shot. Stay level through the swing.










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