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Bump and Run:


Note: The way the caddies and players measure the distance the ball is from the Flag / hole is in paces, they will say to the hole is 15 paces.  That way you will develop a soft feel and touch in your putting because your mind will develop muscle memory based on the number of paces they need for the ball to drop in the hole.

They also use a rule of thumb if the putt is downhill  they play the shot as if it is one pace less, if it is up hill in their mind the will play as if it was one pace more.


Bump and Run, ever since Tiger Woods played a three wood like a putter from the edge of the green, in the US open; there has been a change in every ones game.

Bump and run is a low risk shot, but still need practice to develop touch and feel.

The basic guide lines are simple. It is a putting stoke with an Iron.

Philosophy: Select a club with sufficient loft to carry the ball over the rough on to the green with momentum and roll to reach the cup taking into account all of the contours on the green in the same way you would for a long putt.

The more rough grass there is: The higher the number on the club:

Some examples:

If the Flag is 18 paces from the edge of the green and the rough is three paces, take your five iron, take it back like a long putting stroke ---in line with target (e.g. the spot on the green where you intend to land the ball, which for this shot 6 paces onto the green, with the correct weighted shot the ball will roll the remaining 12 paces to the hole - and IN.

The other end of the scale: 18 paces from the flag to the edge of the green, and 12 paces of rough then use your eight iron (More loft to clear the extra rough grass).

Take the club back in line with the target, eyes fixed on the ball, do not look up, hit through the ball in line with the target, which for this shot is 12 paces onto the green, the ball will land and roll up gently into the hole.

You need to practice using the same basic principles with each club 4 Iron to 9 Iron.

It is not magic; it does still take a lot of practice to perfect. But the short game is the key to low handicap and good golf. Important make up your mind on the shot required NO negative thoughts, take the correct stance, one last look at the target area, hard down and play the shot, positive thinking in the hole.

This is still my preferred way to play shots on to the green, because I am set in my style of play:

Standard Chips and Pitches: Golden rules

"Not easy to follow but great tips. If you stand in front of a mirror and study /read what we are saying then practice till you can remember, your short game will improve." Club face square - shoulders square Feet & Hips open (Aiming left)

The shorter the shot

•The narrower the stance

•The more 'open' the feet & hips aim (open means move your left foot back)

•The more the weight favours your front foot

•The more the shaft leans forward (Means at address the hands / shaft is ahead of the Ball and Stay ahead through the shot)

•The more the ball moves back in your stance

•The lower down the grip you hold the club

The longer the shot

•The wider the stance

•The less 'open' the feet & hips aim

•The more the weight ratio becomes even

•The less the shaft leans forward

•The more centrally the ball is positioned

•The higher up the grip you hold the club



Ok we are now getting into the really interesting stage where you should beable to play a average game of golf.  Time to set your self ojectives.  Lets Say your first key ojective to play 18 holes without losing a BALL, this takes good course management - check where the hazards are, stay out of the rough,  stay positive and in the zone.  


Your Next Lesson:  

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When the Ball is above or below your feet


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