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 Ball above your feet or below your feet:


In order to create a visual mind set:  When your ball is on a slope, when you hit the ball it will follow the same flight path as an air craft banking to turn see this in your mind’s eye.

Then if the ball is below your feet it will tend to turn left in flight – if it above your feet it will turn right in flight.  You will need to make adjustment to ensure your ball lands on target.  


When playing on a side slope with the ball above your feet. Take a wide stance good solid balance. Grip down the shaft; stand closer to the ball. Take one or two practice swings to check balance, timing, rhythm, keep your swing pattern consistent, 1-2 nice and easy. Maintain your balance throughout the swing.

Important that you check the line to your target, a ball above you feet will always turn left- (Imagine aircraft banking to the left) the flight of your ball will be the same. Aim to the right of the flag / target to compensate. Do not rush the shot, take the club back smooth and low in line with the target, and make sure your shoulders turn square.

Do not lean to the side, keep your head still eyes on the ball left arm in control - pull down with the left turning the upper body, accelerate to the ball but with timing and rhythm, club face square at impact hit right through the ball, do not look up until the ball has gone.

When the ball is below your feet same set up, but the ball will always turn right, so aim left of your target. Most high handicap players make the mistake of bending over to compensate for the ball being lower, DO NOT do that, you must maintain your normal posture back straight, just bend your knees more.

If you are on a practice round and not holding other players up, take two balls and play shots from difficult positions, then when you are in competition you will know the shot to play and have confidence.

Remember that difficult shots can be avoided by good course management always select your target. You always try to avoid a bunker or water so apply the same principle when you can see hills or a sloping bank.  Make sure your target is on the fairway short grass level ground.


Well we have not said much about driving the ball from the tee, we did cover the basics in the: Hand Book of Golf


Your next lesson will take you to the next level.


How to drive it long and on target:  







On the Tee Driving
Concentration Gone

One of the Golden rules of golf when you are about to play a shot KEEP you eyes on the ball until after impact.


This young lady would struggle to see the ball.  But would would have the attention of the oher players.  











 The Golf swing Speed Challenge:

I had to create my own swing speed improvement program, and luckily I had a huge advantage.  You see…

I have a degree in sports science and exercise physiology.


And I have a second degree in physiotherapy and I am a full time physiotherapist.   Here’s the letters after my name….BSc(Hons) Physio, Acup. ACP, BSc(Hons) SpSc…if you care about that stuff.


Anyway, every day I’m dealing with athletes and regular folk, helping them to improve their bodies.  And a big part of my job is giving people plans to help them to achieve their goals.  So I used my extensive knowledge of the body to create a step-by-step program that increased my swing speed.


I decided it would be interesting to video my swing speeds before starting the program to see how fast I was currently swinging.  Here is a video of my swing speed before I started my swing speed improvement program….


It is a proven fact swing speed is the key to long drives.

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These 5 Steps reveal the things you MUST AVOID if you want to play low scoring golf, drop your handicap and achieve your ideal golf body.


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