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Fade Spin Draw (For good players) 

This lesson has been written in response to members’ questions relating to elements of their game that cost them shots.

You may find that certain sections of this lesson have been covered in previous lessons. However as with most problems first you need to ensure that the fundamentals are correct. Sometimes that means needing to return to the basics.

Even top professionals find that bad habits creep back into their game, which is the reason why they have the world’s best coaches watching and analysing every element of their game.

If a pro has a bad round then you can be sure he that will be on the range with his coach at the earliest opportunity to correct the problems. Most of us cannot afford a full-time coach so we need to accept that there is a need to continually monitor our game.

Video your swing and you will be surprised at what you see. We all believe our swing is fine and on the correct plane, until we go on to the 3D swing analyser or see a video of our swing. Ideally you can video a few holes on a practice round. Wow! You will not believe what you see. Not just your swing, but other changes that have taken place too, like your stance, posture or set up.

Remmberthis is interactive you can e-mail your coach, send a video of your swing, the coach WILL give you advice / instruction based on the video, and your handicap.


Which is why we continually say golf is a mind game, you need to focus and concentrate on every single shot.

When VJ Singh, the great Fijian, is giving a demonstration: “I only ever hit a draw or a fade when it is absolutely necessary and when it is the only shot that will land the ball on target. “His advice is whenever possible play a straight shot, taking all the elements in to account, like the wind, hazards, etc.

This Lessons covers:

1) How to play a fade.

2) How to hit a draw.

3) How to create back spin.

All of these need practice: We do not send tips on how to draw or fade the ball unless they have been specifically asked for, because with text alone it is near impossible to explain the required swing.

You need the advice of a really top golf coach, preferably one that can actually demonstrate the fade. So you can see at close hand how it is done.

Sorry to be negative on this but I would not wish to give you advice that may upset your current game.  ( We will attach links to top players / coaches videos on U tube for the visual effect. )

How to fade the Ball:

Nice easy natural swing, keep your normal tempo and rhythm,

Open Stance

Open club Face

Place the ball forward in your stance.

Keep your left grip firm and your right grip light.

Take the club outside your normal line on the back swing

Grip down on the club, open the face a little, delay release of the forearms through impact

How to hit a draw:

To learn to draw the ball from just text instruction is hard, we can give you the theory, and you can video your swing to ensure you are swinging on an in-to-out path.

You need to set up for the draw.

Swing from the inside while contacting the ball with your club face 30% closed.

You can also select clubs which are designed to encourage the draw.

To improve on a single figure handicap from books is nearly impossible, and any changes to your natural swing need to be considered wisely.

You need the advice of a really top golf coach, preferably one that can actually demonstrate the draw so you can see at close hand how it is done.  

( Follow the links and watch the videos then return here)

Back spin:

With the chipping stroke, too many people try to sweep, or brush, the ball forward, much like they would in putting. Using this type of stroke means we are unable to achieve any degree of backspin. Therefore, you are not able to consistently control how much the ball will, or will not, roll.

In order to increase the amount of backspin on your chip shots, you must learn how to contact the back of the golf ball Immediately prior to brushing the ground. This will give you the feeling that you are attempting to hit the shot with a much lower trajectory than you normally do.

There is no rule or law that says a chip shot must fly high. However, most players attempt to get the ball to fly higher on this shot in order to slow down the amount of roll they get. In order to slow the roll on the ball, you simply need to learn the feel of applying backspin.

Think of a ping pong ball and how you would apply backspin on it. Then do the same thing with club face. Your hands will need to remain slightly ahead of the ball throughout the entire stroke in order to achieve success.

Try to feel as though you are knocking the ball slightly downward, rather than trying to lift it. You will soon see why it’s so easy to chip it close enough for a one-putt most of the time.

Ball above your feet:

When playing on a side slope with the ball above your feet. Take a wide stance which will ensure you have good solid balance. Grip down the shaft; stand a little closer to the ball. Take one or two practice swings to check balance, timing, rhythm, keep your swing pattern consistent, 1-2 nice and easy. Maintain your balance throughout the swing.

It is important that you check the line to your target, a ball above your feet will always turn left (imagine aircraft banking to the left) and the flight of your ball will be the same. Aim to the right of the flag / target to compensate.

Do not rush the shot, take the club back smooth and low in line with the target, and make sure your shoulders turn square.

DO NOT LEAN TO THE SIDE, keep your head still and eyes on the ball. Let the left arm be more in control of the shot – pull down with the left, turning the upper body, accelerate to the ball but with timing and rhythm. The club face should be square at impact. Hit right through the ball and do not look up until after the ball has gone.

Please read the instructions consider the comment by VJ Sing- is your game ready for playing a fade or a draw, if you are hitting your drives straight 230 yards on target 9 times out of ten, then your are ready for a fade  or a draw, most of the new high tech  drivers have an adjustment that will allow you to use your normal swing and the setting on the club face will automatically sent the ball on the correct trajectory  - and the ball will fade - or draw.
















Justin Rose is playing great golf now which is why we selected his video for the visual element of How to play a fade:


Click here :  to view video




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